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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
| Charles Halloway  | Something Wicked This Way Comes
An Edgar Casē Study / Therapeutæ
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4. But continence they lay down, as it were, as a primitive foundation for the soul, and on it they build up the rest of the virtues. And not one of them will partake of meat or drink before sunset; in as much as they judge the pursuit of wisdom to be consonant with the light, just as the wants of the body are with the darkness. Wherefore, they assign to the former the day, but to the latter an insignificant portion of the night only. And some there are, who at the end of three days bethink themselves of food, those, namely, in whom a more profound love of knowledge is seated. But others, again, so delight and luxuriate in the banquet, in which wisdom spreads out before them in bounteous wealth her teachings, that they abstain for double that period, and barely taste of so much food as will keep them alive at the end of six days ; having accustomed themselves, as they say the grasshoppers have, to live upon air ; for the song of these, I suppose, assuages the feeling of want. The seventh day, however, they regard as in a manner all holy and all festal, and have therefore deemed it worthy of peculiar dignity. And on it, after due attention to the soul, they anoint the body, releasing it, just as you might the lower animals, from the long spell of toil. But their diet comprises nothing expensive, but only cheap bread; and its relish is salt, which the dainty among them prepare with hyssop; and for drink they have water from a spring. For they propitiate the mistresses hunger and thirst, which nature has set over mortal creatures, offering nothing that can flatter them, but merely such useful food as life cannot be supported without. For this reason they eat only so as not to be hungry, and drink only so as not to thirst; avoiding all surfeit as dangerous and inimical to body and soul.1

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An Edgar Casē Study

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