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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
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An Edgar Casē Study / Propagation
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14. (Q) Was Ann prepared for her part in the drama as mother of Mary?
(A) Only as in the general, not as specific as Mary after Mary being pointed out.

See, there was no belief in the fact that Ann proclaimed that the child was without father. It's like many proclaiming today that the Master was immaculately conceived; they say "Impossible!" They say that it isn't in compliance with the natural law. It IS a natural law, as has been indicated by the projection of mind into matter and thus making of itself a separation to become encased in same - as man did.

Then, that there has been an encasement was a beginning. Then there must be an end when this must be or may be broken; and this began at that particular period. Not the only - this particular period with Ann and then the Master AS the son; but the ONLY begotten of the Father in the flesh AS a son OF an immaculately conceived daughter! [See 5749-8, Par. R1.] (5749-8)


33. (Q) Was Jesus the natural son of Joseph?
(A) As just given, as ye questioned in Athens as regarding these; a conception through the Holy Spirit. For the pouring out of the body of thy NATURAL mother, the natural daughter of Joseph the Carpenter - these brought to the consciousnesses of the entity the fact that there were, there are, there can be such to those who OPEN themselves into the Will of the Father-God, that THEIR wills are one with His.

And in such even in the earth there comes the natural to be unnatural, and the unnatural natural. For Nature proclaims God, as the unnatural in nature magnifies God.

34. (Q) If not, how can the rest of humanity be expected to reach His perfection when they start with a less divine origin?
(A) O that the children of men would gain that which is the purpose for procreation in the earth! and start within their own selves, in those periods of activities that bring about the channel for or the means of the entering in of the holy ones, that ideal! For He IS the way, and He asks that all follow in that way.

And as two souls come in a union of purpose - not a gratifying of earth, not a gratifying of the earthly impulses and desires but that they, too, may be used as channels through which souls may enter - there may be brought into the earth those that may quicken. For all must be lifted up even as He.

But through the natural, the unnatural means as He entered, all become then in that purpose, in that oneness as the natural way, the natural source.

35. (Q) Does this mean that the world will evolve into bringing souls into the world in the manner that Mary did?
(A) Souls will evolve into the manner to be able to bring into the world souls, even as Mary did.

And these may come as the souls of men and women become more and more aware that these channels, these temples of the body are INDEED the temple of the living God and may be used for those communications with God, the Father of the souls of men!

36. (Q) Is it true that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, and what does this mean?
(A) In this to give the full concept is to give the history then of all those who have entered into flesh WITHOUT that act which man knows as copulation. For as those experiences Jesus, known as Jesus, the brother of this entity, came into the earth, the FIRST that were of the sons of God to enter flesh, THERE the first and only begotten of God. Again, as names would say, Enoch walked with God, became aware of God in his movements - STILL that entity, that SOUL called Jesus - as Melchizedek, without father, without mother, came - STILL the soul of Jesus; the portion of God that manifests.

But each son, each daughter, through these very acts of the only begotten, of the son of Mary, of the first in the earth, of that without father and without mother, without days, without years - becomes then as the elder brother to all who are BORN in the earth, as the maker, as the creator, as the first, as the last; as the beginning, as the end of man's soul's experience through the earth and throughout the spheres of consciousness in and about the earth.

Thus is He the only begotten, the firstborn, the first to know flesh, the first to purify it.

And so man in his concepts, in his understandings, in his wisdom of God, purifies - here a little, there a little. (1158-5)

An Edgar Casē Study

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