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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
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An Edgar Casē Study / Healing/Health
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  1. Healing/Health
    1. Attitude

3. All healing comes from the divine within, that is creative. Thus, if one would correct physical or mental disturbances, it is necessary to change the attitude and to let the life forces become constructive and not destructive. Hate, malice and jealousy only creates poisons within the minds, souls and bodies of people. (3312-1)


2. EC: Yes, here we have a disturbing condition with the body, and a very unusual mind to deal with. To be sure, attitudes oft influence the physical conditions of the body. No one can hate his neighbor and not have stomach or liver trouble. No one can be jealous and allow the anger of same and not have upset digestion or heart disorder. Neither of these is present here, and yet those attitudes have much to do with the accumulations which have become gradually the disorders that tend to produce those tendencies towards a neuritic-arthritic reaction. Stiffness at times is indicated in the locomotories; a nausea, or upsetting of the digestive system; headaches seem to arise from a disturbance between liver and the kidneys themselves, though usually the setting up of better eliminations causes these to be eased. (4021-1)


12. (Q) Any other advice or counsel?
(A) Only as to the attitude. As indicated for most people and it is very well here: don't get mad and don't cuss a body out mentally or in voice. This brings more poisons than may be created by even taking foods that aren't good. (470-37)

    1. Attunement

9. (Q) Is it possible for me to found a school or system of Universal Medicine, where all methods of healing could be combined?
(A) The ground for same may be laid, or the activities for same begun. But so many prejudices exist in so many fields, there is so much selfishness - not only in one school but in many schools - that this becomes almost a hopeless talk.

Here may be seen an example of that which we have just given.

That such an institution IS the IDEAL manner goes without question; for there is good in ALL methods - and they have their place. But from whence comes the healing? Whether there is administered a drug, a correcting or an adjustment of a subluxation, or the alleviating of a strain upon the muscles, or the revivifying through electrical forces; they are ONE, and the healing comes from WITHIN. Not by the method does the healing come, though the consciousness of the individual IS such that this or that method IS the one that is more effective in the individual case in arousing the forces from within. But METHODS are NOT ideals. The IDEAL must be kept in the proper SOURCE; and then this idea may be gradually instilled into the laity in such measures and manners that there may be gradually builded that which would stand as an ideal manner.

The entity may begin same; not a financial success, but there may be made that which would EVENTUALLY make a financial success of same.

Teach ye rather the PEOPLE, through thine lecturing, thine teaching, thine instructing, in those directions. For not all in any school or any method are hidebound; and the little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Be patient. That thou mayest begin, thou mayest finish in another time, another experience; but be PATIENT. (969-1)


12. For the bodily functionings of an animating body, as this, with the powers, the abilities of discernment into the activities of spiritual influences within the body, should and may create within the system all influences necessary for the keeping of an equal balance. True, when conditions have reached such proportions at times, as has been indicated at times for the body, and as has existed in the experience, it becomes necessary to use outside influences. But KNOW, as has been given, ALL HEALING must be and IS of a deeper source than just the administration of a drug, of the knife, manipulative forces or vibrations that may be created! For all such measures merely create that environment through which the active forces and principles of an active body may gather their forces and influences for the destruction of that which should be eliminated - the elimination of that which has been used or destroyed within the body.

13. Thus, as has ever been, all power, all force that is of a constructive nature, emanates from the spiritual influences. (1158-3)


2. (Q) Should he begin osteopathic treatments this coming week?
(A) By the 8th, begin the osteopathic treatments.

Keep the inhalations, and when the osteopathic treatments are begun, then LESSEN the quantity of the Ash - and this lessens the amount of the ultra-violet; do not discontinue any, but lessen their amounts.

For, as has been indicated so oft in each body, no medicine, no mechanical appliance DOES the healing. It only attunes the body to a perfect coordination and the Divine gives the healing.

For Life is divine, and each atom in a body that becomes cut off by disease, distrust or an injury, then only needs awakening to its necessity of coordination, cooperation with the other portions that are divine, to FULFILL the purpose for which the body, the soul, came into being. (1173-7)


6. Then during the period let it be in that attitude of constructive hopefulness, and know - no medicine, no application, mechanical appliance or otherwise, DOES the healing - but that only the attunement to the divine within BRINGS health. (261-27)


18. Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations from within - the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to Creative Energies. This alone is healing. Whether it is accomplished by the use of drugs, the knife or what not, it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.

19. Then, in the prayer of those - live day by day in the same manner as ye pray - if ye would bring assistance and help for this body. (1967-1)

    1. Continuation

32. (Q) What circumstances of a past sojourn [See 641-1] brought about my present weakness of the digestive system, and why?
(A) The overindulgence through the French as well as the Persian experience, with too much of the activity of the acid-producing forces in the system.

Hence in the present, as indicated in the physical reactions from the mental and spiritual, there needs to be kept that of UNIFORMITY as well as consistency, in thought, speech AND foods. (641-6)

    1. Fountain of Youth

6. (Q) Please discuss in detail the functions of the pineal gland.
(A) If this is discussed from the anatomical viewpoint, in the fetus as is begun in first of gestation, we find this may be termed as the Builder. As is seen, the location of same is in the beginning in that of the center or the nucleus about which all of the matter takes its first form, and becomes the brain as is guiding or directing the building of the body as its development in the womb takes place. As it then reaches from the umbilical cord to the brain, there is builded that as is centered about same by the physical attributes of that progenerated from those bringing such an action into being. When there has reached that stage when there is the separation of same, the cord then being broken, this forms then its own basis in the lower portion of the brain, or cerebellum, and through the medulla oblongata to the central portion of the cerebro-spinal cord itself is held intact, and with the removal of same, or pressure on same, the various forms of hallucinations are evident, whether in the developing stage or when it has reached the elderly or older years in an experience. Its functioning, then, is as that, of that, which makes for - or known as - the impulse or imaginative body. Hence one that may be called demented by others, who has hallucinations from a pressure in some portions, may be visioning that which to him is as real (though others may call him crazy) as to those who are supposed to have an even balance of their senses; which [such visioning?] has been formed by the circulation, or the activity of the gland - as it is called - in its incipiency, until it becomes - or is - as a mass without apparent functioning. If the imaginative body, or the trained body (as is called in a material world) is, trained constantly away FROM the activities of same, it - in natural consequence of things in physical being - draws, as it were, within self. Hence senility sets in. Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old - you will always be young!

In this activity, then, as is seen, there is within the genital organs the activity through that as may be called the lyden gland, [Leydig] which has within itself that closed door, or open door, as makes for activity through that to the base of the brain, or the PINEAL gland - as is at the base of the brain itself - which opens up for its activities and associations to those other portions of the brain; that sends out its sensations either through the sensory organism or the sympathetic organism, or the purely physical organism. For they may all act upon, or BE acted upon, for they are a portion of, and kindred of - (now remember, we are speaking from the physical standpoint, or pathological standpoint!) - and are the active forces and active principles in the activities and repulsions, or the actions, of individuals! As these are the activities that come directly from the organs of reproduction, hence, we find many instances where psychic forces or developments of the individuals, or of an entity, these become abused - or are used in a way and manner as to bring about abuses that make for degenerate reactions, as is considered by individuals, in their various forms or activities to the moral forces as may be set by individuals; but are to the individual the activities of a nature that is an action of, or an impulse of, the organs or functionings that are active through the functioning of the gland itself! Hence we have the variations in functionings of same. Now, as these are turned - or there is the seed, or that within same that may be awakened that makes for those impulses known as attributes that may be added to, that makes for the spiritual life first in that of faith as an opening, that of hope, then to virtue, then to knowledge, then to brotherly love, then to understanding, then to the Christ Consciousness, then to LOVE itself - which was manifest in the body of the Virgin that brought into being that through the concept of, or the conception through the Holy Spirit, by raising that consciousness within same as to PRODUCE that within the organs of the body itself that BECAME, as it were, the begotten of the Father! (294-141)


18. (Q) How can people avoid aging in appearance?
(A) The MIND! (1947-4)


18. (Q) How long will I be able to continue in work I am doing?
(A) Just how long do you wish to continue? There will be others who will have to care for it when you are not here.*

Don't let this disturb you, because you will live as long as you desire and do good for others. (5223-1)


9. What was the length of life then? Nearly a thousand years. What is your life today? May it not be just as He had given, just as He indicated to those peoples, just as He did to the lawgiver, just as He did to David - first from a thousand years to a hundred and twenty, then to eighty? Why? Why? The sin of man in his desire for self-gratification. (3976-29)

    1. Prayer

7. (Q) Please differentiate the difference in that we are told to pray for others, whilst again we are told there must be the desire on the part of the one to be, wanting to be, helped or healed?
(A) The prayer for others is as the defense against influences that would hinder. The prayer and meditation - and the unison of purpose for healing - is as against an offense committed in the body to be overcome, or made every whit whole by His cleansing, forgiving, His life giving power. Hence the closer the union of purpose makes that as HE gave, "Thy FAITH has made thee whole." Whether easier to say, "Thy sins be forgiven", or "Take up thy bed and walk"? The forgiveness, the cleansing, is in Him. Union of purpose for the offensive, or offenses. The defense - rather as the calling of ALL powers as witness of the position. (281-9)


17. And, above all, PRAY! Those who are about the body, use, rely upon the spiritual forces. For the prayer of the righteous shall save the sick. (1967-1)

    1. Vibration

16. (Q) [295]: Please give a definition of vibration in relation to healing.
(A) This would perhaps require several volumes to give a complete definition. Vibration is, in its simple essence or word, RAISING the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent as it may flow OUT of self to him thou would direct it to. As, "Silver and gold I have none, but such as I have give I unto thee." "In the NAME of Jesus Christ, stand up and walk!" THAT is an illustration of vibration that heals, manifested in a material world. What flowed out of Peter and John? That as received by knowing self in its entirety, body, mind, soul, is one WITH that Creative Energy that is LIFE itself!

Be not faint hearted because failure SEEMS to be in thy way, or that self falters - but "how many times shall I forgive, or ask forgiveness - seven times?" "Yea, seventy TIMES seven!" or, "not how I faltered, but did I seek His face again?" "Could ye not watch with me one hour?" The MAN crying out! "Sleep on, now, and take thy rest, for the hour cometh when I shall be even alone." So we find the changes, the weaknesses in the flesh - yet he that seeks shall find, and as oft as ye knock will the answer come. Seek to be one with Him, in body, in mind, in soul! (281-7)


16. (Q) [379]: How may I raise my vibrations so as to contact the Christ?
(A) Making the will, the desire of the heart, one with His, believing in faith, in patience, all becomes possible in Him, through Him to the Father; for He gave it as it is. Believest thou?

Then, "according to thy faith be it done in thee". (5749-4)


22. (Q) Any other advice for the body at this time?
(A) Keep hold on that seeking for the Christ-Consciousness. For this will come, if there will be the consistent and persistent "Thy will be done, 0 Lord, in me; and help me to serve where and when I am needed most." (69-6)

An Edgar Casē Study

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