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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
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An Edgar Casē Study / Magic, White and Black
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Magic, White and Black
The Science of Finite and Infinite Life

Franz Hartmann, M. D.

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The esoteric meaning of the Cross is very ancient, and the Cross has existed as a secret symbol probably thousands of years ago before the Christian era. The philosophical Cross represents, among other things, the principle of matter and that of spirit intersecting each other, forming the quaternary which, when it is inscribed in the square, forms the basis of knowledge for the Occultist. The horizontal line represents the animal principle, for the heads of animals are bowed to the earth. Man is the only being upon the globe who stands erect; the divine principle within him keeps him upright, and, therefore, the perpendicular line is the symbol of his divinity. The cross represents Man, who has acted against the law, and thereby transformed himself into an instrument for his own torture. From the beginning of his existence, as a ray of the divine spiritual Sun, he represented a perpendicular line, cutting in the direction of the Universal Will of the source from which he emanated in the beginning. As the distance from that source increased, and as the ray entered into matter, it deviated from the originally straight line and became broken, creating thereby a division in its own essence and making two parts out of the original Unity, thus establishing in matter a separate will, acting not in accordance with univeral Law, but even in opposition to it. If man follows again the dictates of the Law, he will then be taken from the Cross and resume his former position. "To take up one's Cross," means to sacrifice one's own desires to the rule of divine Law. By doing so the evil and animal desires remain crucified and die, but the divine element will be resurrected and enter the Light.
Who can know the practical spiritual signification of the Cross except he who has been nailed thereon and suffered the pangs of crucifixion of thought and desire and of the mystic death? The external Christian sees only the wooden Cross, but he whose spiritual perception is open sees the living Cross in its glory. Sublimely stands that Cross upon the mountain of the living Faith; magnificent is its aspect. Far into space shines the light radiating from its centre and illuminating the darkness with its beneficent rays, which give life to all who behold it. Rise, oh man, up to your divine dignity, so that you may see the true Cross, the true Light. Not the dead wooden Cross, the emblem of ignorance and suffering, nor the glittering cross made of brass, the emblem of vanity, sectarianism, and superstition; but the Living Golden Cross, the emblem of Wisdom which each true Brother of the Golden and Rosy Cross carries deeply buried within his own heart. This cross is the full-grown Tree of Life and of Knowledge, bearing the fruits of salvation and immortality, the dispenser of Life, the protector against evil. He who knows practically the true mystery of the Cross is acquainted with the highest wisdom; he who is adorned with the true Cross is safe from all danger. Infinite power of the Cross! In thee is Wisdom revealed. Buried deep, deep in the realm of Matter is thy foot, teaching us Patience; high, high into heaven reaches thy crown, teaching us Faith. Lifted by Hope and extended by Charity are thy arms, Light and Sunshine surround thee. Link upon link the chain of creation encircles the Cross; worlds within worlds, forms within forms, illusions upon illusions surround it like clouds and nebulous mists; but in the Centre is the Reality in which is hidden the jewel of priceless value, the Truth Let the dew of heaven which comes from the true Cross descend into your hearts and penetrate into your soul and body, so that it may crystallize into form. Then will the darkness within your mind disappear, the veil of matter will be rent, and before your spiritual vision will stand revealed the angel of truth.
The present material age is ever ready to reject without examination the symbols of the past whose meaning it cannot realize because it knows them not. Engaged in the pursuit of material pleasure, it loses sight of its true interest, and exchanges spiritual wealth for worthless bawbles. Losing sight of his destiny, man runs after a shadow, while others embitter their lives for the purpose of propitiating an angry God, and to buy from him happiness in a life of which they know nothing. Ruled by fear, many bow before the Moloch of superstition and ignorance, while others wilfully shut their eyes to the light of divine reason and madly rush into the arms of a dead and cold material science to perish in her stony embrace; but the wise, whose far-seeing perception reaches beyond the narrow circle of his material surroundings, and beyond the short span of time which embraces his life on earth, knows that it is in his own power to control his future destiny. He raises the magic wand of his will and quiets the tempest raging in the astral plane. The emotions which were rushing to his destruction obey him and execute his orders, and he walks safely upon the waters under whose calm surface is hidden the abyss of death, while above his head shines the bright constellation formed of Truth, Knowledge and Power, whose centre is Wisdom and whose germs can be found in the spiritual self-consciousness of every human being.1


  1. Franz Hartmann, Magic, White and Black

An Edgar Casē Study

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