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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
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An Edgar Casē Study / Error
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  1. Error
    1. General
      1. Transgression of the law

20. (Q) Is it possible to give any advice as to how an individual may raise his own vibrations, or whatever may be necessary, to effect a self-cure?
(A) By raising that attunement of self to the spirit within, that is of the soul - body - about which we have been speaking.

Oft in those conditions where necessary ye have seen produced within a body unusual or abnormal strength, either for physical or mental activity. From whence arose such? WHO hath given thee power? Within what live ye? WHAT is Life? Is it the ATTUNING of self, then, to same. HOW?

As the body-physical is purified, as the mental body is made wholly at-one with purification or purity, with the life and light within itself, healing comes, strength comes, power comes.

So may an individual effect a healing, through meditation, through attuning not just a side of the mind nor a portion of the body but the whole, to that at-oneness with the spiritual forces within, the gift of the life-force within each body.

For (aside, please), when matter comes into being, what has taken place? The Spirit ye worship as God has MOVED in space and in time to make for that which gives its expression; perhaps as wheat, as corn, as flesh, as whatever may be the movement in that ye call time and space.

Then MAKING self in an at-onement with that Creative Force brings what? That necessary for the activity which has been set in motion and has become manifested to be in accord WITH that First Cause.

Hence do we find it becomes necessary that ye speak, ye act, that way. For whosoever cometh to offer to self, or to make an offering to the throne of mercy or grace, and speaketh unkind of his brother, is only partially awake or aware.

For that which has brought distraughtness, distress, disease in the earth, or in manifestation, is transgression of the law. (281-24)

        1. 'We are through!'

At times, not every inquiry was answered when a reading was given. Edgar Cayce would occasionally end the reading abruptly. The reason is...


73. (Q) Why are there times when the forces say "We are through", when they haven't completed the work attempting to be done?
(A) Being deflected to, to force an extent by question or environment as to cause the distress to the connection between the conscious and the subconscious or superconscious forces. A digression of the law forces the issue before it becomes a transgression of the law. Law is love, love is law. (3744-1)

      1. 'error must be met'

9. Yet, there is an inclination at times to criticize others. Remember, before any thought is given, and especially before a speech or word is spoken, with what measure or judgment ye mete it will be measured to you again. This is an unchangeable law. And law is love, and love is law. It is law in spirit, it is law in mind, it is law in cause and effect. (2716-1)


7. As love is the expression for experiences in life manifested in the earth, so is the experience of the soul in the earth dependent upon that plane, that experience, as to its race or color or sex. For if there has been the error in that phase, in that expression, the error must be met. For indeed as has been given, whatsoever ye sow, so shall ye reap. And these are gathered only in the phases of experience in which the associations, the activities, the relations have been. Thus as there is continuity of life expression, so must it continue.

8. They who have done error suddenly, they who are advanced, they who have not met a whole expression may suddenly [reincarnate?] - as you count time. (294-189)

An Edgar Casē Study

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