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An Edgar Casē Study / Electricity/God
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  1. Electricity/God

6. As has been indicated for the entity, the Lights that would aid in checking - even in helping the disturbed area in the spine by the use of this high vibration. Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric machine, but that vibration that is creative is of that same energy as life itself. (2828-4)


10. (Q) Why did Jesus say, "Touch me not,"1 when He first appeared to Mary after the resurrection?
(A) For the vibrations to which the glorified body was raised would have been the same as a physical body touching a high power current. Why do you say not touch the wire? If ye are in accord, or not in touch with the earth, it doesn't harm; otherwise, it's too bad! (262-87)

    1. 'ELECTRIFYING of the vital forces'

14. (Q) What can be done to eliminate the excess iodine from the system?
(A) There isn't a need for the elimination of this excess; rather would there be added those phosphates that would carry WITH same an equal balance - and that would make for a STRENGTHENING to the system that would cause the pulsations, the ganglia along the cerebrospinal system, the activities of the organs and the quickening of the pulse, to become nearer balanced in the system. These we would add through the use of the properties in the compound, as indicated. For these are the activities of those ingredients given in same!

The carrier of water with honey is combined to make for that which may assimilate with the system. In the compound we have first the Wild Ginseng, which is as an essence of the flow of the vitality WITHIN the system itself. It is an ELECTRIFYING of the vital forces themselves.

The Indian Turnip is an emit and a stimulation to the gastric flow, which would cut off the flow of the secretions in the glands of the stomach that supply to the glands of the thyroid.

Other properties, as in the Stillingia, make for that activity with the pulsations between the liver, the heart, the kidneys, in such a manner as to STILL the circulatory forces there.

The compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla makes for an emit that carries to the gastric flow of the stomach and to the intestinal digestive force an equalizing in the body, or in the flow of the lymph to these portions of the system.

Hence we find all these elements are taken into consideration with the compound given for the body itself.

Then, the preservative, or the alcohol - which preserves the elements in their state of being made into an essence, which makes for an activative force in all elements combining with the gastric flow in the system. Hence it is only a stimulation, sufficient to add TO that lacking in the body; as the body has often refrained from sweets when they would have been helpful! (404-4)

    1. 'pouring out of themselves'

16. (Q) How may the instrument be used to help [294] while in Arizona? What would be the correct adjustment of the dials?
(A) This is not as a fault in anyone, but rather isn't this stepping far ahead or going backward as to what has been pointed out to thee? It has been given as to how each individual may be the better aided by same. Hast thou not also been given as to how and in what way and in what manner the director may prepare, cleanse, make of self the better channel for BEING of the greater aid to each and every one? Draw a comparison, my son, as to what has been given you. Does this not stand much in that same position as illustrated in those days when the people waited? [Exodus 24:12-18] Though they had seen the Lord Jehovah descend into the mount, they had seen the mount so electrified by the presence of the God of the people and ohm of the Omnipotent to such an extent that no living thing could remain in the mount or on same, save those two [Moses - Joshua] who had been cleansed by their pouring out of themselves to God, in the cleansing of their bodies, in the cleansing of their minds. And yet they tarried only a few days, their cry to the leader was, "We know not what has become of this man. Show us another way. Why cannot we return rather to the gods of the Egyptians. Make thou one that shall lead us, for we know not what has become of this man." [Ex. 32:1]

Thou hast been shown a way, a perfect way, whereunto thou mayest cleanse thyself, thine body. Why seekest thou to find another god that may lead thee, that is made whether of gold, stone, wood or what not? Why not be patient, my son, and prepare thine self that thou mayest in the very spirit of truth manifest the perfect way. Not a fault in thee, no. Thine overanxiety, or - as was expressed by another teacher - the very zealousness of thine self may eat thee up [Psalms 69:9] and destroy the real value of that thou mayest be in thine zealousness trying to do! Oft has it been given, "Stand ye still and see the glory of God." [Exodus 14:13] Let HIM have His way with thee, that thou mayest indeed know thou art guided step by step with His ways.

Then, as to the healing or the aid, if thou workest together, let HIM guide; not THOU seeking through another channel, or even THIS channel, to do other than He has prepared - or the ways He would prepare thee for the best thou mayest do. (440-16)

18 And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.2


13. (Q) For that day?
(A) No. For, fasting - as is ordinarily termed - is as the Master gave: Laying aside thine own concept of HOW or WHAT should be done at this period, and let the Spirit guide. Get the truth of fasting! The body, the man's bodily functioning, to be sure, OVERDONE brings SHAME to self, over indulgence in anything - but the true fasting is casting out of self that as "I would have done", [replacing with] "but as THOU, O Lord, seest fit - use me as the channel, as the strength comes by the concerted and cooperative seeking of many to give Thy strength to a body!" (295-6)


  1. John 20:17
17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

  1. Exodus 19:18

An Edgar Casē Study

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