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"It seems they destroy people by granting their dearest wishes, as has been the way of the devil, since God created the world."
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An Edgar Casē Study / The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
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The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World


  1. Edgar Cayce Readings

46. (Q) We are told that the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ is taken directly from the akashic records. Is it historically true, and should I use the facts in my book?
(A) It is the experience of an individual, or of Levi, who was in that experience and wrote from his own experience. To him it was an actual fact. (2067-2)


12. (Q) Please describe Jesus' education in India, schools attended - did He attend the Essene school in Jagannath taught by Lamaas,1 and did He study in Benares also under the Hindu teacher Udraka?
(A) He was there at least three years. Arcahia was the teacher.

13. (Q) Did He attend the schools in Jagannath -
(A) ALL were a portion of the teachings as combined from the Essene schools, but these were not the true Essene doctrine as practiced by the Jewish and semi-Jewish associations in Carmel.

14. (Q) Did He study in Benares also under the Hindu teacher Udraka?2
(A) Rather that as indicated - Arcahia. (2067-7)


8. (Q) Give meaning and pronunciation of the word J-A-H-H-E-V-A-H-E.3
(A) Java; meaning the ability within itself to know itself to be itself and yet one with, or one apart from, the infinite; to be a part of that realm of helpers; to know self as a part of and in that realm where the angels are, or in that realm of the individuals who have been, who are, with the Announcer, the Lord of the Way, and who have attained the consciousness of the Christ-within. (2533-8)

  1. Similarities
    1. Spiritual Regeneration
1. In all the cities of Orissa Jesus taught. At Katak, by the river side, he taught, and thousands of the people followed him.
2. One day a car of Jagannath was hauled along by scores of frenzied men, and Jesus said,
3. Behold, a form without a spirit passes by; a body with no soul; a temple with no altar fires.
4. This car of Krishna is an empty thing, for Krishna is not there.
5. This car is but an idol of a people drunk on wine of carnal things.4

30. Whoever puts away his wife, except she be a courtesan, and then shall take another wife commits adultery.
31. The woman who shall leave a man, unless he be a libertine and an adulterer, and then becomes the wife of any other man, commits adultery.
32. And Thomas asked, What is adultery?
33. And Jesus said, The man who harbours lustful thoughts, who covets any woman not his wife, is an adulterer.
34. The wife who harbours lustful thoughts, and covets any man who is not wed to her, is not her husband, is a courtesan.
35. Men cannot make a law to bind two hearts.
36. When two are bound in love they have no thought of lust. The woman cannot leave the man; the man has no desire to send his wife away.
37. When men and women harbour lustful thoughts, and covet any other flesh, they are not one, not joined by God.
38. And Philip said, Lord, are there few that God has joined in holy marriage bonds?
39. And Jesus said, God knows the pure in heart; the lustful men and women are but creatures of the lustful self; they cannot be at one; nor can they be at one with God.
40. Nathaniel said, Is it not well that all men should refrain from taking on themselves the marriage vow?
41. And Jesus said, Men are not pure because they are unmarried men. The man who lusts is an adulterer if he has wife or not.
42. And then he said to all, Some things men know by being told, while other things they know not till the gate of consciousness shall open up for them.
43. I speak a mystery that now you cannot understand; but you shall some day understand.
44. A eunuch is a man who does not lust; some men are eunuchs born, some are eunuchs by the power of men, and some are eunuchs by the Holy Breath, who makes them free in God through Christ.
45. He who is able to receive the truth I speak, let him receive.5

    1. Miscellaneous
      1. Health

29. Yet the entity from that sojourn is a lover of nature, one that appreciates nature, the NATURAL sources; and that there is within the grasp of man all that in nature that is the counterpart of that in the mental and spiritual realms, and an antidote for EVERY poison, for every ill in the individual experience, if there will but be applied nature, natural sources. (2396-2)


4. For the entity has great abilities. While we would magnify the virtues, we would minimize the faults, we find that what is error to one individual may be help for others, while that which is expressed at times, that which is food for one, may be poison for another. (5055-1)

7. He who obeys the laws, maintains an equilibrium in all his parts, and thus insures true harmony; and harmony is health, while discord is disease.
8. That which produces harmony in all the parts of man is medicine, insuring health.
9. The body is a harpsichord, and when its strings are too relaxed, or are too tense, the instrument is out of tune, the man is sick.
10. Now, everything in nature has been made to meet the wants of man; so everything is found in medical arcanes.
11. And when the harpsichord of man is out of tune the vast expanse of nature may be searched for remedy; there is a cure for every ailment of the flesh.
12. Of course the will of man is remedy supreme; and by the vigorous exercise of will, man way make tense a chord that is relaxed, or may relax one that is too tense, and thus may heal himself.
13. When man has reached the place where he has faith in God, in nature and himself, he knows the Word of power; his word is balm for every wound, is cure for all the ills of life.
14. The healer is the man who can inspire faith. The tongue may speak to human ears, but souls are reached by souls that speak to souls.
15. He is the forceful man whose soul is large, and who can enter into souls, inspiring hope in those who have no hope, and faith in those who have no faith in God, in nature, nor in man.
16. There is no universal balm for those who tread the common walks of life.
17. A thousand things produce inharmony and make men sick; a thousand things may tune the harpsichord, and make men well.
18. That which is medicine for one is poison for another one; so one is healed by what would kill another one.6

      1. Low Vibration

10. (Q) What is meant by "their ability to aid in given direction"?
(A) All force and power as is applied through psychic forces comes from a universal energy, that is directed by individual application. As the entity studies, develops, and seeks, such application may be gained or attained by those forces through which attunement is gained. As is seen in all of the forms of vibration, whether in the mineral, in the vegetable, in the animal, in music, in those of chemics or chemicals, or those of spiritual vibrations. These are of attunement, or are in various FORMS in attunement. As the entity attunes self to the various forms through which the application of the mental abilities of the entity attain or gain access, they pass through these various forces, and may be individual, may be group, may be of higher vibration, or they may be of a lower - if the body is made animal by the excess of the gratification of animal desires, they become of the lower vibration. If that is made of an attunement with the bodies celestial, bodies terrestrial, or of whatever form - these develop through that same vibration; for that as is meted is measured again. To that vibration one attunes self, that response is back. See? (256-2)


5. In the period, then - some hundred, some ninety-eight thousand years before the entry of Ram into India [See 364-3, Par. R2] - there lived in this land of Atlantis one Amilius [?], who had first NOTED that of the separations of the beings as inhabited that portion of the earth's sphere or plane of those peoples into male and female as separate entities, or individuals. As to their forms in the physical sense, these were much RATHER of the nature of THOUGHT FORMS, or able to push out OF THEMSELVES in that direction in which its development took shape in thought - much in the way and manner as the amoeba would in the waters of a stagnant bay, or lake, in the present. As these took form, by the gratifying of their own desire for that as builded or added to the material conditions, they became hardened or set - much in the form of the existent human body of the day, with that of color as partook of its surroundings much in the manner as the chameleon in the present. Hence coming into that form as the red, or the mixture peoples - or colors; known then later by the associations as the RED race. These, then, able to use IN their gradual development all the forces as were manifest in their individual surroundings, passing through those periods of developments as has been followed more closely in that of the yellow, the black, or the white races, in other portions of the world; yet with their immediate surroundings, with the facilities for the developments, these became much speedier in this particular portion of the globe than in others - and while the destruction of this continent and the peoples are far beyond any of that as has been kept as an absolute record, that record in the rocks still remains - as has that influence OF those peoples in that life of those peoples to whom those that did escape during the periods of destruction make or influence the lives of those peoples TO whom they came. As they MAY in the present, either through the direct influence of being regenerated, or re-incarnated into the earth, or through that of the MENTAL application on through the influences as may be had upon thought OF individuals or groups by speaking from that environ. (364-3)


8. The mental vision by its action upon what body is being builded? On the mental body of the individual in a material world, out of Spirit, out of the ability to have all the attributes of the spiritual or unseen forces - but MATERIALIZED forces, as is necessary from the mental body in a material world MENTALLY trained to, or in, certain directions, or given directions, or following the natural bent of its threefold or three-ply body, as is seen in every individual or every entity. As these projected themselves, then we find these DEVELOPMENTS were in this portion of the development in the Atlantean period. How were these used? In much as were from the beginning. Remember there was ever the instruction to those peoples that were to hold to that that would bring for the spiritual forces, rather than the abuses of the abilities - as those with familiar spirits, as those that spoke to or partook of the divinations of those that had passed from the earth's plane, or those that partook of the animal magnetism - that came from the universal consciousness of animal matter as passed into its experience, in its interchange through those periods of integration and disintegration - and the spirit forces possessing those that would lay themselves open to such conditions, for these are as real as physical bodies if the attunements of the entity are such that it may vision them! and they are about you always, sure! These, then, are entities - sure; whether animal or those endowed with the soul - until they pass through those changes - as there ever has been, see? Also there are those that ever make for those channels in the psychic and occult (we are speaking of, through which man - as it reached that stage, or that position that it became farther and farther from its natural sources, through the same CHARACTER of channel may it communicate with that from which it is a portion of, or the Creative Forces), and hence the terminology arose as 'Good Spirits' and 'Bad Spirits'; for there are those that partake of the earth, or of the carnal forces, rather than of those forces that are of the spiritual or CREATIVE. Those that are destruction are of the Earth. Those that are constructive, then, are the good - or the divine and the devilish, bringing for those developments in their various phases. Hence the greater development of that called occult, or psychic forces, during the Atlantean period - and the use of same, and the abuse of same - was during its first thousand years, as we would call light years; not the light of the star, but the sun goes down and the sun goes down - years. That brought about those cycles, or those changes. Hence we have that which has been given through many of the sources of information, or the channels for individuals - and in those, these, the entity - as a voice upon waters, or as the wind that moved among the reeds and harkened, or again as when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God beheld the coming of man into his own, through the various realms as were brought by the magnifying of, or the deteriorating of, the use of those forces and powers as manifested themselves in a MATERIAL area, or those that partook of carnal to the gratification of that that brought about its continual HARDENING and less ability to harken back through that from WHICH it came, and partaking more and more OF that upon which it became an eater of; or, as is seen even in the material forces in the present: We find those that partake of certain elements, unless these become very well balanced WITH all SOURCES - Of what? That of which there were the first causes, or nature, or natural, or God's sources or forces are. Hence ELEMENTS - not rudiments; elements - as are termed in the terminology of the student of the anatomical, physiological, psychological forces within a body - GERMS! Sure they are germs! for each are as atoms of power - From what? That source from which it has drawn its essence upon what it feeds. Is one feeding, then, its soul? or is one feeding its body? or is one feeding that interbetween (its mental body) to its own undoing, or to those foolishnesses of the simple things of life? Being able, then, to partake OF the physical but not a part of same - but more and more feeding upon those sources from which it emanates itself, or of the SPIRITUAL life, so that the physical body, the mental body, are attuned TO its soul forces, or its soul source, its Creator, its Maker, in such a way and manner, as it develops. (364-10)

20. From God's own Record Book we read: The Triune God breathed forth, and seven Spirits stood before his face. (The Hebrews call these seven Spirits, Elohim.)
21. And these are they who, in their boundless power, created everything that is, or was.
22. These Spirits of the Triune God moved on the face of boundless space and seven ethers were, and every ether had its form of life.
23. These forms of life were but the thoughts of God, clothed in the substance of their ether planes.
24. (Men call these ether planes the planes of protoplast, of earth, of plant, of beast, of man, of angel and of cherubim.)
25. These planes with all their teeming thoughts of God, are never seen by eyes of man in flesh; they are composed of substance far too fine for fleshy eyes to see, and still they constitute the soul of things;
26. And with the eyes of soul all creatures see these ether planes, and all forms of life.
27. Because all forms of life on every plane are thoughts of God, all creatures think, and every creature is possessed of will, and, in its measure, has the power to choose,
28. And in their native planes all creatures are supplied with nourishment from the ethers of their planes.
29. And so it was with every living thing until the will became a sluggish will, and then the ethers of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast, the man, began to vibrate very slow.
30. The ethers all became more dense, and all the creatures of these planes were clothed with coarser garbs, the garbs of flesh, which men can see; and thus this coarser manifest, which men call physical, appeared.
31. And this is what is called the fall of man; but man fell not alone for protoplast, and earth, and plant and beast were all included in the fall.
32. The angels and the cherubim fell not; their wills were ever strong, and so they held the ethers of their planes in harmony with God.
33. Now, when the ethers reached the rate of atmosphere, and all the creatures of these planes must get their food from atmosphere, the conflict came; and that which the finite man has called, survival of the best, became the law,
34. The stronger ate the bodies of the weaker manifests; and here is where the carnal law of evolution had its rise.
35. And now man, in his utter shamelessness, strikes down and eats the beasts, the beast consumes the plant, the plant thrives on the earth, the earth absorbs the protoplast.
36. In yonder kingdom of the soul this carnal evolution is not known, and the great work of master minds is to restore the heritage of man, to bring him back to his estate that he has lost, when he again will live upon the ethers of his native plane.
37. The thoughts of God change not; the manifests of life on every plane unfold into perfection of their kind; and as the thoughts of God can never die, there is no death to any being of the seven ethers of the seven Spirits of the Triune God.
38. And so an earth is never plant; a beast, or bird, or creeping thing is never man, and man is not, and cannot be, a beast, or bird, or creeping thing.
39. The time will come when all these seven manifests will be absorbed, and man, and beast, and plant, and earth and protoplast will be redeemed.7

      1. 'ye shall give an account'

19. Hence as there is the body, the mind, the soul - three as it were in one - they each demand, yea, each cry aloud for expression; the body-mind and body crying out for the satisfying of the appetites of same.

20. The mind seeks greater expression in its activity in relationships to things, to peoples, to conditions; and in such manners, means and ways of giving expression to same in audible ways, or bringing them to fruition by their very acclaiming.

21. On the other hand, the soul saith "Yea, but ye shall give an account for every idle word, for every evil thought done in this temporal body!"

22. Hence the entity needs that tutoring, that directing, that brought into being as to how to meet EVERY phase of its developing body and mind; that the soul may indeed manifest itself and give greater expression to the glory of Him for whose purpose and in Whom ye live and move and have thy being! (1700-1)


10. Here ye have problems wherein they each meet themselves, as it were; of and in keeping with things or conditions spoken as regarding others, not really meaning. But remember, He hath given - ye shall give an account of every idle word. For the law shall not pass away until ye pay every jot, every tittle; even as did He, who is able, who is capable, who is willing to be thy counsel, thy brother, thy guide, at ALL times. (1467-10)

19. A lawyer said, Rabboni, if God rules the worlds and all that in them is, did he not bring about this storm? did he not slay these men?
20. Has he not brought this sore distress upon these people here? and was it done to punish them for crimes?
21. And we remember well when once a band of earnest Jews from Galilee were in Jerusalem, and at a feast and were, for fancied crimes against the Roman law,
22. Cut down within the very temple court by Pontius Pilate; and their blood became their sacrifice.
23. Did God bring on this slaughter all because these men were doubly vile?
24. And then we bring to mind that once a tower called Siloam, graced the defences of Jerusalem, and, seemingly, without a cause it tottered and it fell to earth and eighteen men were killed.
25. Were these men vile? and were they slain as punishment for some great crime?
26. And Jesus said, We cannot look upon a single span of life and judge of anything.
27. There is a law that men must recognise: Result depends on cause.
28. Men are not motes to float about within the air of one short life, and then be lost in nothingness.
29. They are undying parts of the eternal whole that come and go, lo, many times into the air of earth and of the great beyond, just to unfold the God-like self.
30. A cause may be a part of one brief life; results may not be noted till another life.
31. The cause of your results cannot be found within my life, nor can the cause of my results be found in yours.
32. I cannot reap except I sow and I must reap whate'er I sow,
33. The law of all eternities is known to master minds:
34. Whatever men do unto other men the judge and executioner will do to them.
35. We do not note the execution of this law among the sons of men.
36. We note the weak dishonoured, trampled on and slain by those men call the strong.
37. We note that men with woodlike heads are seated in the chairs of state;
38. Are kings and judges, senators and priests, while men with giant intellects are scavengers about the streets.
39. We note that women with a moiety of common sense, and not a whit of any other kind, are painted up and dressed as queens,
40. Becoming ladies of the courts of puppet kings, because they have the form of something beautiful; while God's own daughters are their slaves, or serve as common labourers in the field.
41. The sense of justice cries aloud: This is a travesty on right.
42. So when men see no further than one little span of life it is no wonder that they say, There is no God, or if there is a God he is a tyrant and should die.
43. If you would judge aright of human life, you must arise and stand upon the crest of time and note the thoughts and deeds of men as they have come up through the ages past;
44. For we must know that man is not a creature made of clay to turn again to clay and disappear.
45. He is a part of the eternal whole. There never was a time when he was not; a time will never come when he will not exist.
46. And now we look; the men who now are slaves were tyrants once; the men who now are tyrants have been slaves.
47. The men who suffer now once stood aloft and shouted with a fiend's delight while others suffered at their hands.
48. And men are sick, and halt, and lame, and blind because they once transgressed the laws of perfect life, and every law of God must be fulfilled.
49. Man may escape the punishment that seems but due for his mis-doings in this life; but every deed and word and thought has its own metes and bounds,
50. Is cause, and has its own results, and if a wrong be done, the doer of the wrong must make it right.
51. And when the wrongs have all been righted then will man arise and be at one with God.8


  1. Levi H. Dowling, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, 21:19-22:1
Chapter 21
19. And Jesus was accepted as a pupil in the temple Jagannath; and here learned the Vedas and the Manic laws.
20. The Brahmic masters wondered at the clear conceptions of the child, and often were amazed when he explained to them the meaning of the laws.

Chapter 22
1. Among the priests of Jagannath was one who loved the Jewish boy. Lamaas Bramas was the name by which the priest was known.

  1. Ibid., 23:1-6
1. Now, Jesus with his friend Lamaas went through all the regions of Orissa, and the valley of the Ganges, seeking wisdom from the sudras and the visyas and the masters.
2. Benares of the Ganges was a city rich in culture and in learning; here the two rabbonis tarried many days.
3. And Jesus sought to learn the Hindu art of healing, and became the pupil of Udraka, greatest of the Hindu healers.
4. Udraka taught the uses of the waters, plants and earths; of heat and cold; sunshine and shade; of light and dark.
5. He said, The laws of nature are the laws of health, and he who lives according to these laws is never sick.
6. Transgression of these laws is sin, and he who sins is sick.

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18. Then Jesus called the man and said, Would you be free? would you receive your sight?
19. The man replied, All that I have would I most freely give if I could see.
20. And Jesus took saliva and a bit of clay and make a salve, and put it on the blind man's eyes.
21. He spoke the Word and then he said, Go to Siloam and wash, and as you wash say, Jahhevahe. This do for seven times and you shall see.
22. The man was led unto Siloam; he washed his eyes and spoke the word, and instantly his eyes were opened and he saw.

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