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An Edgar Casē Study / Doubt
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  1. Doubt
    1. Fear and doubt prevent proper attunement

8. For, as is understood, He hath not willed that any soul should perish; yet because there are disturbances of a physical, material or mental nature, one oft doubts, and fears arise. These beget those influences that prevent the proper attunement. (69-4)


23. (Q) L. M. S.:
(A) Fear and doubt have been a part of thy experience, because of the suffering, because of the fears thou hast seen in the experiences of those nigh unto thee. Put ye rather, then, thy trust in the Lord. For HE is life, and health, and strength to those who put their trust in Him. Not everyone that saith "Lord, Lord," shall enter in, but he that doeth the will of the Father by just being patient, just being kind to others. (262-121)


27. (Q) How may I overcome the innate doubt or fear which prevents attunement with the Christ, as promised?
(A) Just keeping on keeping on in the trust - trust - in Him! No DIRECT way may be experienced for self by another, - and yet the entity finds self very oft close to being directed in that way. Hold fast to Him! Let that which causes doubt or fear be taken up in the willingness, the desire, to be of help to others. (69-4)


16. In the application then in the present in these fields of activity should the entity find that channel for not only the greater expression of self that has been gained through its sojourns in the earth, but the greater contentment in that which will make for - in contentment - a growth. While storms and trials are necessary in every soul, as we see manifested in nature, only in contentment does GROWTH make manifest. Not contentment to that point of satisfaction, for a satisfied mind or soul ceases to seek. But only in contentment may it receive and give out. In GIVING does a soul grow, even as a tree, even as a rock, even as a sunset, even as a world GROWS in its influence upon that about it. So has that force grown that we find manifested in the earth that we worship as constructive influence of God, as to the All-Wise purpose, or as to the Holy Spirit, or as to those influences that make alive in giving, in MAKING itself manifest. So are ye gods in the making, saith He that walked among men as the greater teacher of all experiences and ages. (699-1)


57. (Q) Was there a spiritual cause for the accident to my right hand, or was it purely an accident? Is it possible to rectify it?
(A) It was purely an accident; not a spiritual cause. If ye give it power over thee, it may not be rectified - that is, by holding to any thought of payment. But it will be strengthened considerably if there will be applied an equal combination of Oil of Cedar Wood (not O'Cedar Oil, but Oil of Cedar Wood) and Red Wine. Shake these together and massage around the wrist and hand, daily. (3051-2)


11. (Q) Is it possible for me to get my health back?
(A) What have we been trying to talk about? If there is doubt within self, it is not possible!

12. (Q) Has my health been seriously damaged?
(A) As indicated, if this is the attitude there will be no help! (1540-6)


52. (Q) Please explain in detail the steps I should take in this development, in meditation, that would be most consistent with my inner self?
(A) In whatever manner that thine own consciousness is a cleansing of the body and of the mind, that ye may present thyself CLEAN before thyself and before thy God, DO! Whether washing of the body with water, purging of same with oils, or surrounding same with music or incense. But DO THAT THY CONSCIOUSNESS directs thee! Not questioning! For he that doubteth has already built his barrier!

Then, meditate upon that which is thy highest ideal within thyself, raise the vibrations from thy lower self, thy lower consciousness through the centers of thy body to the temple of thy mind, thy brain, thy eye that is single in purpose; or to the glandular forces of the body as the Single Eye.

Then, listen - listen! For it is not in the storm, not in the noise, but the still small voice that rises within.

And let thy query ever be:


These are the manners. Not that the things of the material mind are to be neglected, but remember this: It is the foolishness of God that is the wisdom of man. It is the wisdom of man misapplied that is the foolishness to God. (826-11)


9. (Q) Yet the [139] mind had unlimited faith and I tried and seemed almost to succeed - then failed. Why?
(A) In the same manner as the Why as was sought by those ten who, though in the presence of the Master, failed to cast out the demon. Not that the power was not sufficient, even as was demonstrated by the Master, but that that doubt - that doubt - that remains in the background of the finite mind of man, for of the earth is earthy. More power to him who would gain that full consciousness that would not turn aside when brought with the Master for the elements of earthly position, condition, or favor, see? Just as the Why did the entity turn aside when in place of earthly position and leave the Master to pass on and seek the friendship even of those not known, yet desiring to impress same with the importance of the position of the body itself, see? and so in faith, so in the application of that ability to pass from one consciousness to another that healing force in the material plane, and - as is seen - there must be the full union of the forces, see? (900-315)

Since fear and doubt can create a real hindrance 'that prevent the proper attunement'.(69-4) A correct view of suffering is not only just, but needed.

What one should remember from this next subsection is, that 'thy suffering, thy disappointments, thy heartaches, thy misunderstandings'(262-107) 'are a part of thy cross, of that necessary'(69-4) for your own 'soul development',(2014-3) that is, 'for the edifying of the soul;(1466-3) 'else He, according to His promise, would not allow these to be a part of thy awareness',(69-4) 'for corruption may NOT inherit eternal life'.(262-26)


26. (Q) [404]: How does tribulation work patience, as given in Romans 5:3?
(A) As has been indicated in that "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth", and purgeth every one; for corruption may NOT inherit eternal life, and must be burned up. Know that thy God is a consuming fire, and must purge every one, that ye may enter in. In patience does one overcome. (262-26)


10. (Q) James [[295]'s brother]:
(A) Listen more often to the voice within, Kick not against those things that seem to hinder, for whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and purgeth every one.

Be thou, then, faithful in the little things of life and He will crown thine efforts with contentment, with joy, with life, with love. (281-17)


40. (Q) Why has all the misfortune come to me in 1933 to unsettle all my plans?
(A) Are "all my plans" in keeping with that He would guide thee to do? or in keeping with the own self? He whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth. He purgeth every one that He considers may be a companion with Him. Lovest thou these more than the praise from the grace or glory of God? Then know that in the way thou goest is the means for a better understanding. (257-123)


14. Do ye seek Glory?1 Then ye must be willing to suffer; and if ye count thy suffering, thy disappointments, thy heartaches, thy misunderstandings, as judgments upon thee, ye are unwise. For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and purgeth every one, that ye may bring forth fruit in DUE SEASON!
15. Would ye have thy Glory without thy purification? Would ye have thy Wisdom without thy preparation? Would ye have thy Happiness, or seek thy Happiness, without being able to comprehend, to understand? If this be so, ye have not gained thy lesson of Wisdom. (262-107)


20. (Q) Can anything be done at present to improve the leg, or walking?
(A) This as we find must be the result of the general improvement of the whole system. This will be GREATLY improved as applications in general are made for stimulating the circulation.

Do not lose patience with self nor with others. Keep the attitude of helpfulness. Know that conditions that exist, while from the purely material may be trying, they are that needed for thine own - and for [2014]'s - soul development!

Be patient, for in patience ye possess thine own soul! (2014-3)


3. Each soul, as is known by the entity, enters an experience for the magnifying of the entity's ideal. For as has been given, He hath not willed that any soul should perish; neither does He seek to bring sorrow, disappointments, heartaches, in the experience of those activities in the earth - save it be for the edifying of the soul.

4. For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and purgeth EVERY one. (1466-3)


17. Belittle not those things that hinder. These are a part of thy cross, of that necessary; else He, according to His promise, would not allow these to be a part of thy awareness. (69-4)


13. As concerning thy fellow man, He gave, "As ye would that others do to you, do ye even so to them," take no thought, worry not, be not overanxious about the body. For He knoweth what ye have need of. In the place thou art, in the consciousness in which ye find yourself, is that which is TODAY, NOW, needed for thy greater, thy better, thy more wonderful unfoldment. (357-13)


15. This is not indicating that the entity is to be long-faced or be sad about its choices of activity, but rather be happy, be joyous, be glad! For the Lord will not withhold any good thing from those who love His coming and who prepare for it in the minds and hearts of others. (2969-2)


  1. (439-2)

13. (Q) Is there anything more regarding my Egyptian incarnation that I should know and express in the present, for my highest spiritual development?
(A) As has been given in the activities of the entity, body-entity during that experience, there were those influences in the associations and relations that bring innate feelings, innate activities in the experience, as ye seek to find the outlet for the daily associations and relations, let the spirit of truth, of mercy, of justice, in the light of the expressions that are the fruits of the spirit, GUIDE thy ways in these directions. And that fear, that doubt that has arisen in thine experience will fade as the mist before the rising sun. For, His light is the light that guides through the darkness, whether in the material, the mental or in the spiritual realms; for He is the Creator and the Giver of that light. Thus may such things, such experiences, be used as the stepping-stones for the greater blessings that may be thine, and the greater development that may be thine in this experience. For, as has been given, the knowledge alone of any subject in the material or mental world does NOT make for development unless applied in the daily experience with thine fellow men. For, the fact that we have life in this material plane, with the consciousness of the conditions, the existences about us, only gives the opportunity of expression of what we would do with this man, the Christ, in our hearts. Thus may the experiences of sojourns in the varied environs show that whereunto, that in the way and manner that we as individuals have fallen short - or WHY there are certain urges in our own inner selves in the experience that they may be turned into. Through what? The will that makes the soul of man individual, and a little lower than the angels; yet when raised in the power that may be through the glorifying of the Son as to be one WITH the Son, one WITH the Father, and THUS above the angels in glory. (439-2)

An Edgar Casē Study

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