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An Edgar Casē Study / The Way to Christ
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The Way To Christ

Jacob Boehme

  1. Edgar Cayce Reading

2. EC: Yes, we have the enquiring mind, and those tenets and teachings and illustrations as presented by Jacob Boehme; as respecting the relationships of man in his search for the Creative Forces or God.

3. In giving first those approaches as we find of same, much of that presented by Boehme, in illustrating the activities, the various phases of consciousness or awareness, the effect of the astral, the cosmic consciousness of same in its relationships to the emotions and activities of which the body is conscious in its various stages of development - we find these are identical with those presented by John in Patmos [see: author of the Book of Revelation]. (1602-3)

  1. Similarities
    1. Spiritual Regeneration
Cover yourself with patience, then, and be careful concerning fleshly pleasures. Break their will and desire. Keep them bridled, like an unruly horse. Then I will visit you in your fiery essence, giving you my Love-kiss, bringing along a crown out of Paradise as a token of my Love, setting it upon you, with which you shall be joyed. You must remain in resignation, hearing what the Lord plays in your harmony. Moreover, out of my energy you must give quality and body to your tone, for now you are a courier of His mouth, to publish His fame and honour. This is why I have made a new covenant with you, crowning you with my knight's crown of victory which I got in the battle against the Devil and death. But the Pearl-crown with which I shall crown you has been laid aside for you. You will not wear it again until you have become pure before me.1

30. However unwilling, sin's will must die. So, struggle against the pleasure-seeking, earthly flesh! Do not give it what it wants! Let it fast and hunger until appetite ceases. Consider the flesh-will your enemy and do not do what fleshy appetite desires. Then you will introduce death into fleshly mortality. Do not regard the world's scorn. Think that they only mock your enemy who has become foolish to them. Consider it as your fool which adam aroused within you, and established it in a false inheritance. Put the bondwoman's son out of the house—that foreign son which in the beginning, in Adam, God did not establish in the house of life, for the bondwoman's son shall not be heir along with the freewoman's son (Gal. 4:30).
31. The earthly will is merely the bondwoman's son. For the four elements were to have been servants to man but Adam adopted them to sonship. God therefore said to Abraham as He revealed the covenant of prophecy within him: Put away the bondwoman's son, for he shall not be heir along with the freewoman's. The freewoman's son is Christ, whom God, of His Grace, reintroduced into our flesh as a new mind, wherein the will—understand the soul's eternal will—might create, drinking the water of life, of which Christ says: But whosoever drinketh of the water that He shall give us, for him it will turn to a well of water springing up into everlasting life (John 4:14). This spring is a renewal of the soul's mind, as the eternal constellation of eternal nature, the character of soul-creaturehood.2

1. Now here a Christian should consider why he calls himself a Christian and also truly ponder whether he is one. That I may learn to know and understand that I am a sinner, and that Christ on the Cross has killed my sins and shed His Blood for me—this by no means makes me Christian just yet. The Inheritance belongs only to children. A maidservant in the household well knows what the wife would have, but this does not therefore make her heir to the wife's goods. The Devil also knows that there is a God but this does not therefore make him an angel. But if the maidservant in the household marries the wife's son then she certainly can come to the inheritance of the wife's goods.
2. And so it is also to be understood in our Christianity. Historical children are not the inheritors of Christ's goods, but [only] legitimate children who have been born out of Christ's Spirit. For God said to Abraham: Cast out the bondwoman's son, for he shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman [Gal. 4:30]. For he was a scorned and only historical son of Abraham's faith and spirit, and as long as he was such he was not in the true inheritance of Abraham's faith. Therefore God left him out of his [Abraham's] goods.
3. Which was a prefigure of the Christianity to come. For the promise of Christianity was made to Abraham. Therefore the prefigurement was then presented in the two brothers, Isaac and Ishmael; how Christianity would bear itself and how two sorts of people would constitute it: i.e., true Christians, and lip-Christians, the latter, under the title of Christianity, would become scorners like Ishmael, and Esau who was the image of the external Adam, and [also] Jacob [who was] the image of Christ and His true Christianity.
4. So, each one who wants to call himself Christian must cast out of himself the bondwoman's son, i.e., the earthly, evil will, and always be smashing and killing it, and not [establish it] in the inheritance nor give the Pearl as plaything to the animal-man so that he does not divert himself within the external light of fleshly lust; but he, with our father Abraham, must lead the son of our true will to Mount Moriah and obediently offer it up to God, always gladly dying to sin in Christ's Death, conceding no rest in Christ's Kingdom to the beast of vanity, nor becoming lewd, proud, covetous, envious or malicious. All these properties are Ishmael's, the bondwoman's son, who was propagated by Adam in vanity with the wanton whore, the false bondwoman, out of the Devil's imagination, out of the earthly property of the flesh.
5. The mocker and the titular Christian is the whore's son, and he must be cast out for he shall not inherit Christ's Inheritance in God's Kingdom (Gal. 4:30). He is no good, and only Babel, a confusion of one language into many tongues. He is only a gossiper and squabbler about the inheritance and he wants to [get it] by gossip and squabble with his mouth-hypocrisy and appearance of holiness. And yet he is only a bloodthirsty murderer of his brother Abel who is the true heir.3

"All of one's own seeking and investigating of divine mysteries in a spirit of selfishness is useless and vain. The self-will cannot comprehend anything of God, because that will is not in God but external to Him. The will in a state of divine tranquillity comprehends the divine, because it is an instrument of the Spirit, and it is the spirit wherein the will is tranquil that has the faculty of such a comprehension. There are many things, undoubtedly, that may be investigated and learned and comprehended in a spirit of selfishness, but the conception thus formed by the mind is merely an external appearance, and there is no understanding of the essential foundation." (Signature, 15, 33.)4


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