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In A Search for God: Book I the process of spiritual regeneration is briefly mentioned [below], but not fully explained. It is the purpose of this website to expand on this most important subject.

When we attune ourselves to the Infinite, the glands of reproduction may be compared to a motor which raises the spiritual power in the body. This spiritual power enters through the center of the cells of Leydig glands (located in the genitive system). This center is like a sealed or open door, according to the use to which it has been put through spiritual activites.1 With the arousing of the image, or ideal, this life force rises along what is known as the Appian Way2 [see: the 'Appian Way' is not only an important road in ancient Rome; but is, in fact, polysemic] or the silver cord, to the pineal center in the brain, whence it may be disseminated to those centers that give activity to the whole mental and physical being. It rises then to the hidden eye in the center of the brain system (pituitary body), which is just back of the middle of the forehead.3 Thus on entering meditation there arises a definite impulse from the glands of reproduction that passes through the pineal to the pituitary gland. Whatever the ideal of an individual is, it is propelled upward and finds expression in the activity of the imaginative forces. If this ideal is material, there is built more and more into the body a love for, and a tendency towards, things of the earth. If this ideal or image is of a spiritual nature there is spiritual development. Psychic forces are only an awakening of soul faculties through activities in these centers. If an anatomical or pathological study should be made for a period of seven years (which is the cycle of change in all body elements), of an individual who is acted upon through the pituitary gland alone, it would be discovered that such a person trained in spiritual laws would become a light to the world. One trained in purely material things would become a Frankenstein [monster], without a concept of any influence other than material or mental.4 (See 262-20.)5


  1. (294-142)

3. (Q) What other glands in the body, if any, besides the Leydigian, pineal, and glands of reproduction, are directly connected with psychic development?
(A) These three are the ducts, or glands. In some developments these have reached a stage where they do not function as ducts or glands, but are rather dormant; yet much passes through same, especially for the various stages of a psychical sojourn or development. These, as we find - the genitive organism is as the motor, and the Leydig as a sealed or open door, dependent upon the development or the use same has been put to by the entity in its mental, its spiritual, activity. The mental may have been misused, or used aright. The spiritual activity goes on just the same. It is as the electron that is Life itself; but raised in power and then misdirected may bring death itself, or - as in the activities of the glands as seen, or ducts - that used aright may bring serenity, hope, peace, faith, understanding, and the attributes of its source, as the experience of the entity; or, misdirected, may bring those doubts, fears, apprehensions, contentions, disorders, disruptions, in every portion of the body. Hence these may literally be termed, that the pineal and the Leydig are the SEAT of the soul of an entity.

As to the abilities of physical reproduction, much of the activity of the Leydig makes for that as of embryonic in its activity, or of sterility in its activity. So we have those channels. These are not the psychic forces, please understand! They are the CHANNELS through which the activities have their impulse! though the manifestations may be in sight, in sound, in speech, in vision, in writing, in dreams, in Urim or Thummim, or in any. For these represent Urim and Thummim in their essence, or in ANY of the RESPONDING forces in a body; but their impulse arises from or through these sources in much the same manner as the heart and the liver are of the physical body the motivating forces, or impulses, that carry the stream of life itself; or as the brain is that motivating center of impulse or mind. These are merely as illustrations that the student may better understand the activity of that being presented. [See subsequent [281] series on glands.] (294-142)

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Acts of Peter

XXXV. And as they considered these things, Xanthippe took knowledge of the counsel of her husband with Agrippa, and sent and showed Peter, that he might depart from Rome. And the rest of the brethren, together with Marcellus, besought him to depart. But Peter said unto them: Shall we be runaways, brethren? and they said to him: Nay, but that thou mayest yet be able to serve the Lord. And he obeyed the brethren's voice and went forth alone, saying: Let none of you come forth with me, but I will go forth alone, having changed the fashion of mine apparel. And as he went forth of the city, he saw the Lord entering into Rome. And when he saw him, he said: Lord, whither goest thou thus (or here)? And the Lord said unto him: I go into Rome to be crucified. And Peter said unto him: Lord, art thou (being) crucified again? He said unto him: Yea, Peter, I am (being) crucified again. And Peter came to himself: and having beheld the Lord ascending up into heaven, he returned to Rome, rejoicing, and glorifying the Lord, for that he said: I am being crucified: the which was about to befall Peter.

  1. (281-13)

14. The spirit and the soul is within its encasement, or its temple within the body of the individual - see? With the arousing then of this image, it rises along that which is known as the Appian Way [see: Christ appearing to Saint Peter on the Appian Way], or the pineal center, to the base of the BRAIN, that it may be disseminated to those centers that give activity to the whole of the mental and physical being. It rises then to the hidden eye in the center of the brain system, or is felt in the forefront of the head, or in the place just above the real face - or bridge of nose, see? (281-13)

  1. (262-20)

7. (Q) [69]: Please explain what was meant by the spiritual eye, or third eye, in relation to psychic development. Should we today seek to develop this particular facility? If so, how?
(A) As has been given, there is ever a channel or manner in which the expressions of a force may manifest in a material world. Hence the term, "Angels took form", that there might be the expression of, or vehicle for, the activity of an individual force manifestation in the MATERIAL plane. In the psychic forces, or spiritual forces (which are psychic forces), there has ever then been a vehicle, or portion of the anatomical forces of the body, through which the expressions come to individual activity, and these may find various forms of manifestations, or MOVEMENTS of - as has been given, that finds its seat in the creative energies and forces of the body. In the eye, "Let thine eye be SINGLE" may be the interpretation of same, or vehicles, or channels, or glands through which man has lost his vision, or the ability of seeing the self-expression in same in the pituitary forces, as in the lyden and the others - we find expressions in various forms of the body. These become, as has been seen or given, in the feminine body more manifested than ordinarily in the male, in man forces, in that called intuition, or that which is active in that portion of the system. These are but one expression of that portion of the body, for these may be added to by the feeding of same, that partake of other forces of the body in such quantities, or such character of development, as to produce other conditions in the body, as the growing of portions of the body that have become lax, or lacking in their activity in the system, but development in the spiritual sense - by meditation, prayer - dependent upon the external forces, or the creative energies, for its food, rather than upon that which is wholly of the material, develops that as may be termed the psychic development of individuals. Well that psychic forces and occult influences be developed in the individuals that so find within their individual selves that which makes for a closer relationship with that they individually worship as their ideal! That does not indicate that every individual should make of themselves a psychic channel that may be used to their own destruction; for, as has been given, there be many things hard to be understood that many wrest with to their own destruction, but that which gives more understanding of the relationships of self with the creative forces of a universal experience, rather than individual, makes for a closer walk with God, that from which the essence of life itself has its emanation. In the body we find that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, the lyden, may be truly called the silver cord, or the golden cup that may be filled with a closer walk with that which is the creative essence in physical, mental and spiritual life; for the destruction wholly of either will make for the disintegration of the soul from its house of clay. To be purely material minded, were an anatomical or pathological study made for a period of seven years (which is a cycle of change in all the body-elements) of one that is acted upon through the third eye alone, we will find one fed upon spiritual things becomes a light that may shine from and in the darkest corner. One fed upon the purely material will become a Frankenstein that is without a concept of any influence other than material or mental. (262-20)

  1. A Search for God: Book I

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